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1045 S45C C45 45# Seamless steel tubes for structural purposes machining

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No.45 steel is high quality carbon structural steel with low hardness and easy cutting. It is often used as template, pin and guide post in mould, but it needs heat treatment. Recommended heat treatment temperature: normalizing 850, quenching 840, tempering 600. The content of carbon (c) in its chemical composition is 0.42-0.50%, Si content is 0.17-0.37%, Mn content is 0.50-0.80%, Cr content is less than 0.25%.

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Product Description

Low carbon steel pipe-carbon content is about less than 0.25%. Carbon steel pipes in oil products, oil and gas and public media with a design pressure lower than 10MPa-carbon content is between 0.25 and 0.60%, such as 35, 45 steel, etc.; high carbon steel pipes-carbon content is greater than Around 0.60%. This type of steel is generally not used in the manufacture of steel pipes. Carbon steel pipe-introduction Carbon steel pipe contains a certain amount of carbon, as well as silicon and manganese. Does not contain other alloying elements. Note that the silicon content generally does not exceed 0.40%. In order to ensure the chemical composition and mechanical properties of carbon steel pipes, we must control the content of impurities such as sulfur and phosphorus below 0.035%. Only in this way can high-quality carbon steel pipes be produced.

Product Parameter

Steel pipe grade 1045 S45C C45 45#
Lengh hot rolled (extruded and expanded): 3-12mcold rolled (drawn): 2-10.5m
Outer Diameter hot rolled:32-756mm/cold drawn:5-200mm
wall thickness 2.5-100mm
Processing Service Cutting or according to the customer's demand
Packaging Details Bare packing/wooden case /waterproof cloth
Terms of Payment T/T L/C
20 feet container contains dimension Length under 6000mm
40 feet container contains dimension Length under 12000mm
Samples Free samples are provided but the freight is paid by the buyer
Min order 1 Ton

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45 # seamless steel pipe parts after quenching and tempering have good comprehensive mechanical properties, which are widely used in various important structural parts, especially those connecting rods, bolts, gears and shafts working under alternating load. But the surface hardness is low, not wear-resistant. The surface hardness of parts can be improved by quenching and tempering and surface quenching.


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