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  • Basic knowledge of metal materials (1)

    Basic knowledge of metal materials (1)

    Pig iron and steel are collectively referred to as ferrous metals. Iron is its main component and also contains a certain amount of carbon and other trace elements. Alloys with carbon content less than 2.11% (mass) are called steel, and alloys with carbon content greater...
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  • Economic situation and steel market trend this year

    Economic situation and steel market trend this year

    In 2021, the overall economic operation of the machinery industry will show a trend of high in the front and flat in the back, and the annual growth rate of industrial added value will be about 5.5%. The steel demand generated by these investments will show up this year. At the same time, the pop...
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  • Situation analysis of steel industry in 2021

    Situation analysis of steel industry in 2021

    Xiao Yaqing, Minister of the Ministry of industry and information technology of the people’s Republic of China, recently proposed that the output of crude steel should be firmly reduced to ensure that the output in 2021 will drop year on year. We understand that the reduction of steel outpu...
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  • Imbalance of supply and demand! Iron ore futures prices hit a record high

    Today, nonferrous, black futures rose across the board, rebar main closed trading, reported 6012 yuan per ton. As a raw material of steel, iron ore futures main contract price is also trading, and set a record high. Today, before the opening of the domestic futures market, the main contract of Si...
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  • Market trend forecast of seamless steel pipe in 2021

    During the 13th Five Year Plan period, 135.53 million tons of seamless steel pipes have been produced in China, and the annual production is around 27.1 million tons, without big ups and downs. The difference between good years and bad years was 1.46 million tons, with a difference rate of 5.52%....
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